Community Voices

Boot Camp

Two words that usually make you automatically think of the military and drill sergeants yelling you to “Drop and give me twenty!” I was ready. It was time. I made that choice to take control … READ MORE

Phoenix Health: The Cost of Non-Treatment

This is a new world we all live in.  Battles around the globe consume the news leaving out a private battle that millions of people fight daily. This private battle has ever lasting effects on … READ MORE

Arts Stroll in Downtown Jeff City

The weather is finally starting to cooperate and let’s face it, you’ve been dying to get outside and as my friends say, “do stuff!”.   If you have not been to the downtown area of … READ MORE

Read and Pass On

I went to Kansas City for a weekend getaway recently and stumbled upon an incredible movement that’s happening there. While walking through the City Market I noticed a bunch of books on benches. I kept … READ MORE

Autism Awareness in Mid-Missouri

Imagine your typical school bus full of children. On average, one of those kids has been diagnosed with autism. The CDC says 1-in-68 now likely have the disorder, a much bigger number than estimates just … READ MORE

Mizzou Softball is Reloaded

The 2014 Mizzou Softball season is underway, and the Tigers have already taken on some premium competition.  They defeated #9 Kentucky on Friday, but dropped both games of a doubleheader against the Wildcats on Saturday. … READ MORE

How to Win Your Office Bracket Pool

It’s that time of year again. A time to ignore the warm breezes and flowering plants of spring, and sit inside yelling at your TV because a school you didn’t know existed a week ago … READ MORE

Celebrate Pi Day!

I’m a big fan of special days like birthdays or Christmas, but today is one of my favorite days: Pi Day. If you’re not familiar with Pi Day, it’s March 14, or 3/14… get it? … READ MORE

Ozzie Wants A National Holiday: I say Meet Me in St. Louie

Ozzie Smith says that Baseball’s Opening Day should be a national holiday, and while I agree in principle, I believe his idea can be tweaked a bit on the local level.  The only sport that has its first … READ MORE

Celebrate the Luck of the Irish at the Lake

Green food, green drinks, and green clothes it’s almost St Patrick’s Day!! Every holiday needs a couple big parades to help you get in the spirit.  Come on down to the lake and party all … READ MORE