Green Super Foods: Behind the Craze

Green superfoods have the best concentration of easily digestible nutrients, fat-burning compounds, vitamins and minerals of any food out there. The high concentration of these healthy components in green superfoods help to protect and heal your body. Additionally, they contain a range of other substances, including essential fatty acids and healthy bacteria, which help your digestive system […]

What can fiber do for you?

For many of us, when we think of increasing our fiber, we think of running to the bathroom more often.  In actuality, fiber helps level out our digestive system. Besides that, fiber can help assist with weight loss, stabilize blood glucose levels, and  help with the absorption of nutrients. What is fiber? Fiber is the […]

Are Toxic Oils Hidden in Your Food Causing Weight Gain?

  In today’s fast paced society, it is often difficult to eat healthy.  Many people want to, but simply do not have the time or resources to do so. However, with the proper knowledge, eating healthy is not as hard or daunting as it sounds. Here are a few quick tips regarding hydrogenated oils, the […]

What Are You Really Hungry For? How White Carbs Are Tricking You

White sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners…they’re everywhere!  And they’re a big problem. All of these ingredients have been highly processed (cooked at extremely high temperatures) and have little to no nutrients left in them.  This is a problem because you are messing with your blood sugar levels in a negative way. Your body has to produce […]

Simple Tips For Smarter Food Choices (Plus a Guilt Free Chocolate!)

Many people decide to eat healthy because they want to fix what they see on the outside. What about eating healthy so that you have more energy, better digestion, better sleep, less sick days, or even a better sex life?   All of these things come with better nutrition, and you lose more weight! Start focusing […]

About Laura Lee
Laura Lee grew up as the youngest of nine with two parents who showed her the way to a healthy living. After running track for the University of Missouri, she became a certified personal trainer, whole food cook, and a healthy lifestyle coach. As owner of Laura Lee’s Healthy Plate, she has created a program that offers personal training, fresh whole food meals, protein shakes, grocery store tours, cooking demos, kitchen makeovers, and whole food vitamins. She wants to see everyone on her program not just lose the weight but feel better in every possible way!