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Bubbly and full of life, Elly Bethune, owner of Elly’s Couture, lives and breathes fashion. The entrepreneur and fashionista mixes high-end and affordable pieces for Columbia women, a constant inspiration for your wardrobe.

Bethune grew up in Columbia before heading to San Francisco, where she played collegiate tennis and mastered the art of effortless style. She accessorized her collegiate career with a BA in Magazine Journalism and an obvious emphasis in Fashion. After relocating to Columbia, Bethune created Elly’s Couture, a nod to the West Coast style she loves.

The boutique has become the ‘Who What Wear’ of Columbia, providing real style for well-dressed women. The success of Elly’s Couture is a testament not only to the dedication of Bethune, but to the statement-making ensembles that Columbia women vie for in their wardrobes.

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