Restaurants: Five Local Favorites


From casual diners to the most extreme “foodies”, Mid-Missouri has restaurants, bars and hangout spots for everyone.  And more are on their way.  But before we’re surrounded by fast casual chain restaurants, we wanted to take a look at some of our favorite restaurants that started right here in Missouri.

Bandana’s BBQ

Bandana’s Bar-B-Q brings southern style BBQ to Mid-Missouri with succulent brisket and pork.  Seasoned with a “dry rub” and cooked sauceless, then cut to order from the smoker, all pork, chicken and ribs from Bandana’s are prepared to create the signature Bandana’s smoked flavor.  The 14 hour process for pork butts and beef cuts and five hour process for ribs and chicken makes Bandana’s meat tender, tasty, and absolutely delish’.  “Smell that Smoke” at Bandana’s BBQ and you’ll see why it made out list as a Mid-Missouri favorite!

63 Diner

Ready for a blast from the past?  The 63 Diner is a staple in Mid-Missouri, serving classic style diner food in 1950’s décor.  The diner serves up classic style burgers, fries, sandwiches, shakes, malts and always brings you back to the ole’ days.   The Diner also makes some pretty delicious peanut butter chocolate pies.  Need a taste of nostalgia or want to feel extra American?  Check out the 63 Diner!

Kostaki’s Pizzeria

Steak Del Malia, Sicilian, Five Cheese and Olympus.  These are just some of the pizzas that Kostaki’s Pizzeria has available.  Kostaki’s doesn’t get the same publicity as some of the other pizza places here in Mid-Missouri, but we’re not really sure why.  The crust at Kostaki’s is delicious and each pizza is baked to perfection, with cheese melted on every inch.  Check out their “beat the clock” Wednesday (5pm-8pm).  In the rare case that pizza isn’t for you, Kostaki’s also serves gyros and wraps, wings and burgers.

Stadium Grill

Being right near the Faurot Field, their location is great.  The first burger I ever tried at Stadium Grill was covered in bacon and pulled pork.  With that first experience, Stadium Grill became my favorite restaurants (for burgers) in Columbia.  The menu has over 15 different burgers to choose from, and what’s cool about Stadium Grill is that you can order either a burger or replace it with chicken if you prefer.  Their sandwiches are also killer, and since Stadium Grill is a restaurant (and not a sports bar) you won’t hear the same kind of noise found at some other sports’ bars.

The Deuce Pub & Pit

You’ve almost certainly seen their TV commercials or radio spots, and it’s no wonder why.  Over the years, The Deuce Pub & Pit has established itself as one of the best hangout bars in Columbia.  With summer volleyball leagues, shuffleboard, bags, washers and a huge outdoor patio, The Deuce almost always has something going on.  Sports, games and daily happy hours – and one of the best sandwiches (HOTT MAMMA) in town.

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