Columbia Mansion Featured in Horror Film ‘You’re Next’


Perched atop the 6th hole green at the Columbia Country Club lies a home that you might recognize.


You’re Next, directed by Adam Wingard and written by Columbia, MO native Simon Barrett, opens Friday August 23rd in 2,400 theaters nationwide; it is the first film directed by Wingard to receive a wide theatrical release.  The film, which originally debuted at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival, tells the story of a family that falls under attack by sadistic, animal-mask-wearing home invaders.  Though the movie rests in a saturated genre of “horror movies”, critics have cited the film’s twists, turns, and subtle humor as rather refreshing.  Rotten Tomatoes currently rates the film at 90% which is outstanding for any movie, let alone a horror-movie.


I first came across the You’re Next house in 2011 after playing a round of golf at the Columbia Country Club.  Standing on the green of the 6th hole, you are practically in the back yard of the nearly 9,000 square foot 1927 English-style mansion.  In 2011 when I first saw the property, it appeared abandoned.  I’ll never forget walking around the premise of the house after my round of golf.  The windows and trim work was cracked, the landscaping was unkept, and the eeriest part of all:  A steel chain draped across two garage doors keeping them closed.  The more time I spent walking around the property, the more I felt there was a story inside the walls.  Something about this house stood out.  A friend I was with at the time said a movie was being filmed at the home, but it seemed like only a rumor.

Earlier this week, and two years since my last encounter with the house, I headed out to S. Country Club Drive.  With its’ inclusion in the film You’re Next, I had hoped to take more pictures of the abandoned property.  To my surprise, I ran into the owner of the home who was busy working with crews repainting the window trim.  The owner asked who I was, what I was doing, and requested that I leave the property.  Respecting the home owner, I left shortly after.  But then I felt something.

I passed the front of the mansion one last time and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  I was completely overwhelmed by this feeling that ‘something happened here’.  I remember thinking back in 2011, after being told that a movie was being shot at the home, that this nearly 9,000 square foot English-style home would be perfect for a horror movie.   Little did I know then, that a horror movie actually was filmed here.  In a recent interview, Adam Wingard confirmed that the Columbia mansion and property was used in filming You’re Next, along with his two other films V/H/S and A Horrible Way to Die.      


Soon, the home used to film You’re Next will only be visible from the 6th hole green at Columbia Country Club.  Upon my brief encounter with the homeowner, I was informed that security gates were ordered and would be installed in the near future.


When researching the home, I stumbled across images in Google that I found somewhat disturbing.  The first photo was seemingly taken by a realtor, the other is a screen shot from the Lionsgate film You’re Next.  Look closely at the bed in both photos.   


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